Sweet Fabric + the 12 days of Christmas

On the eighth day of Christmas...

My true love sent to me:

8 plates for turkey
7 twinkling lights
6 stuffed mushies
5 glowing gifts
4 waiting sacks
3 chrissy trees
2 drinks with bubbles
& a sp...i...i...i...i...ng santa

We made these as Christmas gifts a couple of years ago. Each year they get brought out for our Christmas feasting. Somehow, I've become the custodian of a couple of extra plates because certain people (& you know who you are) insist on living thousands of kilometres away in the stickiness that is Darwin.

In other news...the light tour didn't disappoint.

Each house was rated by the tour leader:

c. best viewed at high speed
b. slow down & maybe brake a second or two
a. park car & mill about admiring the months of work by the owner/operator of the show

The kids had their own rating system:

Action scored points
Quantity of lights scored points
Appearance of cartoon character scored points
Bonus points were awarded for the appearance of "baby Jesus"
Mega points awarded if owner of house was handing out lollies

"TOP JOB" was awarded to this house:

This pic shows the small girl jumping for joy in the "snow" which cascaded from the balcony onto the crowd below at 30 seconds intervals.

Christmas, family, friends, and more:

On the eighth day of Christmas... + the 12 days of Christmas