Sweet Fabric + the 12 days of Christmas

On the tenth day of Christmas...

my true love sent to me:

10 rolls for pencils
9 bad jokes
8 plates for turkey
7 twinkling lights
6 stuffed mushies
5 glowing gifts
4 waiting sacks
3 chrissy trees
2 drinks with bubbles
& a sp...i...i...i...i...ng santa

A lot of kids on the nice list are getting these pencil rolls.

The children who have already been given these for birthday gifts absolutely love them. I think that they have been as well or better received than a new tin of Derwents. The kids seem to really like the named pockets for each pencil.

I got my tin of 72 Derwents was for my 10th birthday. Oooh how I loved those pencils. I didn't lose any & I always made sure that they went back in the tin in the right position. One of my girlfriends still has her original Derwents. I'm guessing a couple of you crafty girls might still have yours too.

Christmas, and more:

On the tenth day of Christmas... + the 12 days of Christmas