Sweet Fabric + TIME

This is...my knick knack/jewellery box

This jewellery box was give to me by the date a good long time ago. The "real" jewels don't get kept in here. They are in top secret hiding spots - this is my decoy jewellery box (a brilliant idea inherited from my Non) for the burglars. Now I look at the contents up close there needs to be some shuffling. I'd be devastated if I lost some of these treasures to thieves.

I've got the goods (either gifted from or created by or both) from:

Betty Jo
Meet me at Mikes
Boobook Sausage Dogs
Three Buttons

as well as a huge assortment of items of great sentimental value:

-Antique clock key gifted by my dad & step mum for my 21st.
-Charm bracelet gifted by Non & added to on each overseas trip.
-Resin pendant & ring (green) gifted by my mum & sister
-Sculpey pendant made for me by my gorgeous little boy to wear to a wedding.
-Button necklace gifted by my mother in law & purchased on Brunswick Street some years ago.
-Numerous lovely pendants gifted by the date.

a little help from my friends, AWEsome, family, good, love, MAD, This is, and more:

This is...my knick knack/jewellery box + TIME