Sweet Fabric + what I'm wearing

What I'm wearing...

A few lovely folk have offered alternate Wednesday games to play.

Amy's playing on my fridge & Fi's offered "What I'm wearing". I'm going with what I'm wearing because I LOVE what I'm wearing today. I opped (thrifted) this shirt from St Vinnies in Kew! It's gorgeous (although the buttons do tend to pop open at their whim). Ah well it's all foam these days anyway.

The best thing about this shirt is the dialogue that goes along with it...

Friend/Acquaintance/Stranger in the street: "Oooh I love your shirt."
Me: "Isn't it fabulous. It was $2 at Vinnies."

Totally classless I know but I do wear my Op Shopping heart on my sleeve & bargains are like badges of honour.

Finally, how good does my freshly rendered wall look?

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What I'm wearing... + what I'm wearing