Sweet Fabric + Room

Learning from the master(s)...

I do find the idea of sheets on a line as window furnishings quite charming & I think that these curtains would look gorgeous in right here.

However, I'm after something a bit more permanent for the new house. So today I signed up for a window furnishing course...super excited. If I'm going to do it I want to do it right. Pippa has all the know how & I've promised to be good & do my homework. Hoping I'll be able to make roman blinds for the kids' rooms (at the very least).

I'm pretty keen never to go back to an office job again. I shared this with Aunty Pat recently & she replied...

"Money saved is money earnt"

Thinking about this a lot.

a little help from my friends, family, good, home, learning, me, and more:

Learning from the master(s)... + Room