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The sea...

We've left the madness that is pre-Christmas Melbourne behind & we're enjoying the snoozy pace of life by the sea. I've been to a beautiful wedding, slept a lot & sipped a lot & today I lost a couple of hours in this place.

I'd only been to Kyo once before & had no idea it was anywhere near as big as it is. There's so much to love about Kyo. I was tossing up whether to share the vintage Kimono or the Kokeshi.

There's something else really special stored on the digital camera but I can't show you that...I'm working on The Date for that one!

my pick

This is my pick of the Kokeshi. I hope when I go back it's not gone! Keep away Melbourne girls.

PS: Wish you were here...happy to be a courier for Kokeshi.

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The sea... + the ranch