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Making a list...

checking it twice.

I had to check twice because I was a bit surprised about how many people I had on my nice list. Surely some of these folk must have been naughty.

We have a "no gift" rule with the adults in our family (we all give a donation to the charity of our choice instead). That cuts out a few but I'm still sitting at 2 pages!

I was feeling a bit like I was stuck on an express train to Christmas & I wasn't going to be ready when we reached the station. I've now completed my Christmas List & I think I can now sit back & enjoy the ride.

I've still got a few bits to make, a few bits to finish off & a few bits to buy. I am hoping to be able to finish off the purchasing at this shopping night. I'm feeling confident that I am on track for my handmade Christmas & feeling pretty good about it!

Christmas, and more:

Making a list... + made by me