Sweet Fabric + Flashback

Jingle bells...

j..j..jingle bells, j..j..jingle all the way.

Whilst I've been patiently waiting to see the finished product of the top secret collaboration, I've been working on a collaboration of my own.

Not much of a collaboration - more of a giggle from me when I received an email from gorgeous sister in steamy Darwin entitled "annoying 80's jingles". Here are just a couple from her long list of suggestions...

No other choolate looks like Flake looks,
No other chocolate tastes like Flake tastes,
For a bar full of Cadbury Dairy Milk
Feel it crumble & melt in your mouth,
No other chocolate does it to you like Flake does,
Created like no other chocolate

When a snack attack hits you,
You've got the facts,
'Cos nothing does it to you like a SNAK PAK

The one that has stuck in my mind more than any other....

4175 o double o
4175 o double o

& now I can't get it out of my head.

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Jingle bells... + Flashback