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6 random things...

First things first. I was tagged quite some time ago by the very lovely Kristy with a you make my day award, which was very sweet. Thank you.

Now I've been tagged by Chocolate & Steel for the six random things. I've only fairly recently done the 7 random things & I'm really bad at these games so I apologise in advance. I've used these Op Shopped cards as my springboard.

My Favourite Tea:
Earl Grey
My Favourite Outfit:
My Asian slash modern slash tree dress that I bought without trying on! It was bought from a guy who knows his stuff.
My Favourite Food:
It's a toss up between lollies & Burgen Rye toast with St Dalfour raspberry jam.
My Favourite Shoes:
Yep - it's the runners although I am pretty partial to my boots too.
My Favourite Flower:
My Favourite Book:
Recently, it's The Lying Tongue. In the last 5 years, it's The Kite Runner. Historically, it's The Outsiders.

Now, this is where the really bad comes in. I don't pass these things on. I'm not really sure why - I think it's linked to the whole chain letter caper when I was a kid. But...if you'd like to have a go. Consider yourself tagged.

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6 random things... + me