Sweet Fabric + TIME

No time...

for crafty pursuits lately. The image above is me faking it til I make it!

The lovely Ingrid has posted recently about being a craft fraud & I admit I feel the same way this week. I can't crochet or knit much either but it's just unfinished business I'm referring to.

I've been at work lots & being a mum lots & that hasn't left much spare time.

I've got a list a mile long of things I want to finish up:

my broomstick needle project.
my use what you have project.
something for this girl.

Plus a whole host of other stuff which is overdue.

I'm supposed to be cleaning the house tomorrow but I think I'll sack that plan & have a crack at finishing off a few projects that have been hanging around for far too long.

The date & I went to Maybe We Have Met Before at Kick on the weekend. Sean Morris's illustrations on wood were right up my alley. If you haven't been you should - it's good.

& yay hooray Brown Owls tonight. I've missed those crafty souls. See you tonight.

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No time... + TIME