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Nikki is a clever girl...

I'm loving revisiting the 2001 Diary but it seems I've actually got quite a bit to say & I can't wait another week to blurt it all out. So, I'm not even calling it butting in anymore.

I've been surprisingly productive on the crafting front.

I was a lucky winner at you SEW girl so long ago it's embarassing. I'm not sure why I was putting the making of the Puffy Purse off. Maybe my fear of instructions.

Just about all my crafting is just me making stuff up as I go along. So when I received the kit in the mail & there were lots & lots of words I think I freaked out a bit.

I can't say enough positive stuff about Nicole Mallalieu. The instructions were so easy to follow & although my fairly basic sewing skills were challenged at times she kept her cool & encouraged me to keep on keeping on.

Made from scraps of Japanese Kimono which were gifted to me way back in January. I'm very happy with the fabrics performed. The glue I used wasn't really up to the job (or I didn't use enough) but I'm super happy with my decision to go with a back stitch and no beads. There's certainly room for improvement (I'm not entirely sure I got the seam allowance quite right) & my puffy purse is a little wonky in places. BUT I'll have another go for sure & you should too.

Thank you so much Nikki.

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