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How to make doily covered soaps...

It's totally faker crochet! If you are a purist...power to you. Hook yourself some little caps for soap.

I confess I find the gifting of handmade items something of a challenge. It's one thing to give something you've painstakingly hooked, or stitched, or knitted, or sewn to someone else who makes things & appreciates them. It's quite another to gift the same items to folk who've no idea of the time involved. Faker or not - it's all the same to them. So...at this time of year when you're crafting to give I heartily recommend the faker route.

I got lucky at the oppy a couple of weeks ago & picked up a set of 6 crochet coasters which were a bit stained & yick. I slung them in the washing machine & stared at them for a while & wondered if a soap cosy might be just the ticket? Loofah & soap in one...yep! Time to have a crack folks.

Five minutes flat per soap...maybe less.

How to make faker crochet covered soap
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How to make doily covered soaps... + tutorial