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Polaroid Diary of a small child ...

School holidays have started!

I've mentioned before how much I love school holidays. BUT we are super busy these holidays. There is way too much gym training & work & football & the like. The date's pretty annoyed about the amount of gym but that's another story.

You might remember last holidays I had Slide Night. Which I really enjoyed but there won't be time for that sort of hoo ha.

So these holidays I'm going to share the big girl's Polaroid Photo Diary from our family holiday in 2001.

The Barbie Polaroid Camera was a gift from her Grandpa & we loved making this diary together. The text dictated to me after each image was added to the page.

I'll post everyday but I won't really be around the blog so I'll catch you all at the end of the break.

If you've got kids enjoy the time at home & if you haven't ... enjoy the peace on the roads.

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Polaroid Diary of a small child ... + TIME