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GIVEAWAY ... Knickers Kit

Ticking boxes with Gemma Jones:

That's my kind of craft!!!

Make your own super comfy, super styling undies from old t-shirts with the hand holding help of Gemma Jones.

I've used the kit to make my own undies kaotic style & I can tell you that Gemma's instructions are clear, encouraging, witty & really a work of art in themselves.

The sizing is spot on - all my pairs are made from cotton lycra & they are an absolutely perfect fit. I've run in them too & they are wedge free! Sorry if that was too much information but this is THE most important factor in underwear in my opinion.

Gemma has very generously offered a kit as a GIVEAWAY here! Gem will send you a kit & cover the postage! All you need to do is leave a comment here between now & Thursday 7pm EDST (Melbourne folks).

I think that you should all pop over to Gem's shop & buy a kit anyway - it would make an excellent gift for any crafty types in your life.

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GIVEAWAY ... Knickers Kit + This is... cool stuff