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It's really piling up now (& starting to feel intimidating).

I read Goodnight Mr Tom on the Darwin trip. I'm not sure how I missed this book as a kid/teenager. I remember it being a pretty big deal but I think I was all worn out after The Silver Sword (which I loved).

I confess to being a bit nervous about Mr Tom. I'm supposed to be reading it with Grade 5 during this term. There is one part (& you know what it is if you've read it) which was quite shocking & I think quite a lot to take if you're 10 but I really truly loved this book. It's a fabulous read.

I zipped through "Addition" in record time. I loved this book. Although I don't have an affiliation with numbers I could totally relate to the rule thing. This book served to remind me that really I'm just teetering on the edge. I'd only need a little nudge (that's not a challenge - just in case you were wondering).

The remainder of the pile is untouched...I think I'm going with "In Ecstasy" next.

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This is ... my current reading material + TIME