Sweet Fabric + tutorial

How to make a simple square pincushion...

In around 15 minutes from Go to Wo.

I made another video & timed myself but the whole thing was such a disaster - it was axed before it even made it to air.

I've been making lots of these pincushions lately. They came about from the fortune teller folding & then the fat quarter folding.

Nothing remarkable in the construction of this super quick pincushion but I think that they finish up as something quite beautiful for very little effort.

How To Make A Simple Square PincushionView more presentations from kootoyoo.

Once all this was finished I had a vague memory of my grandmother having a pincushion constructed in the same way out of a Bargello sampler.

I think that these would look excellent as samples for the seam-along.

You can see variations on the theme in felt with a pinked seam & in a heavy cotton with a frayed seam.

The PDF tutorial for How to make a square pincushion can be downloaded here.

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How to make a simple square pincushion... + tutorial