Sweet Fabric + shop update

It's a big day...
Kootoyoo Music Box - Windup Lara Cameron

I've finally managed a little shop update.

I've pushed myself beyond my normal "warehouse" comfort zone & actually put a few of the music boxes up in the shop.

I've been making quite a few online purchases lately & keep checking in on a few of my super favourite girls in the hope that they might announce a shop update & allow me a little piece of their crafty action.

Today, I've taken the lead from the wonderful "storefront" girls I've been buying from & I'm hoping the aforementioned might follow.

There is a selection of tradional windup music boxes & MP3 ready versions too.

Music Box Shop

The fabric used for this music box is by Melbourne fabric designer Lara Cameron.

Have a wonderful weekend.

hope, made by me, music box, and more:

It's a big day... + shop update