Sweet Fabric + Oops

I may regret this ...

I told Lara I was going to put this on Flickr "for her eyes only" to say thanks for being super specially good. BUT this girl said she'd post it on her blog if I did! You know she'd do it too. Safer here where I have some control!

It seems my big fat bogan wedding has been an item of interest to a few lovely folk.

This is me with my "I really (insert expletive) hate you" fake smile. My beautiful friend thinks that they taught fake smiling at my school. One of my very good friends from school is on Melbourne Radio & Trace reckons we have the same fake smile!

Reason for fake smile: Casual, relaxed, natural photography brief. Photographer turned up with an ironing board & tulle & made me do this!

Points to consider when critiquing the event.

1) I was 23
2) I was 23
3) I was 23


See more bogan shots here & here.

PS: I'd be pretty happy to trot the wedding dress out if anyone wants to host a wedding dress party!

PPS: I'm going to get the wedding video out - that's a real comedy!

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I may regret this ... + Oops