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No more tears...

When I chop onions I cry, I have tears streaming down my face.

To combat this problem I started wearing goggles. I look an absolute sight (I admit), but I'm much more about function than fashion. There's the added bonus of making the kids & The Date laugh.

At some stage during my goggle wearing & onion chopping I'd made a plan in my head to share my genius. I'd formulated a plan to sell these high fashion items. Of course I was going to muck around with the design & cute them up a bit.

Being the true procrastinator that I am I never did anything about it & continued to wear the goggles, and remain tear free.

A couple of weeks ago the date and I were at Shoppingtown. Walking past Matchbox I caught something pink and sunglassesish out of the corner of my eye. I knew what they were before I did the double take. Sure enough, there they were ... my onion goggles.

For a moment I felt a bit jealous. That coulda shoulda woulda been me.

Then I caught myself. The onion glasses genius actually got off their procrastinating butt and did something about it. Good on her/him.

I'm rather attached to the speedo goggles but I really think that people who make good on dreams and ideas should be rewarded. I'm going to buy a pair.

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