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Crafty Up Styling

I'm in real need of a haircut...it's feral.

I have been enjoying a bit of length though. I've been knotting my hair in a makeshift bun & then giving it a bit of a shake to encourage a bit of softness & a few whisps too.

This got me to thinking about a plastic tool I had in the 90s which basically fashioned a fake french roll. I don't yet have the length for a french roll but can get away with the reverse version pictured above.

Of course I had to set about making myself the little tool.

I just folded some heavy duty elastic through a biro casing...

Bic 1

& then tied it in a knot, forcing the knot back inside the pen tube.

Bic 2

This is how to recreate the cheats casual (& whispy) upstyle.

How to

- Put your hair up in a pony tail.
- Feed the knotted end of the pen up from under the pony tail to the top of pony tail.
- Flip your pony tail through the elastic loop.
- Pull the pen gently. You'll need to guide & ease your pony tail though itself so that the whole "style" isn't too loose.
- You could use a bit of hair spray at this point if you like.

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How to - casual crafty upstyling... + me