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Humble pie...
In Situ

I've not been around much. It's all been smoke & mirrors...just logging on to update & then getting over to the old place to work. I'm hoping that it will all be worth it & I'll be able to justify another 12 months without paid employment because of all the "renovating" I've been doing. Anyway enough of the excuses.

It's poor & I'm sorry. I've really appreciated the lovely comments, favourites, visits & encouragement despite my "help yourself & slam the door behind you when you leave" attitude lately.

I thought you all deserved a little present & I reckon this is one you'll appreciate.

More signage!

No Children

I've sent it to Flickr nice & large so that you can download & print as you like. Ours is hung on the pantry door but I think nice for the studio/craft space or master bedroom if you've got co-sleeping issues you're trying to work through.

Anyway...lots of love to you all & see you soon (I hope). x

hope, love, Room, thanks, the ranch, and more:

Humble pie... + This is... cool stuff