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Chameleon wrap...
Backward Long

It's Leonie's wrap.

I hooked it like Michelle, Kate & Tania ... I'm way to slow on the sticks.

I followed Leonie's directions for the measuring but I left it a bit shy of where I want it to sit as I expect it to drop with wear over the next couple of days.

I'm calling it the Chameleon because it looks completely different in different light & depending what you're wearing underneath (or if you stand against a rust wall I've discovered).

Just as I did with the slashed vest, the armholes are set a little higher to give more flexibility. It can be worn upside down, inside out & round about. You can check that out here.

Yarn - Cleckheaton Coutry Paintbox 8 ply Col: 31
Hook - 9mm (yep 9 - I was going for drape)
Stitch - I used double crochet (Aus/UK) or US single crochet

Edited to add: I used 6 balls & my wrap was 23 inches x 34 inches

Happy weekend all.

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Chameleon wrap... + thanks