Sweet Fabric + made by me

Quick beret...
So...French ?!@#$

you bet!

Nikki promised it would be. True to form the pattern is comprehensively written & offers loads of tips and tricks to make the construction run smoothly. The Beret is offered in multiple sizes & styles.

I chose the full crown version & I think it's rather magnifique. I've already received an "& me too" request.

You'll be able to make yourself one of these beauties in the very near future. Keep your eye keenly plastered on You Sew Girl. It's a ripper (that's the kootoyoo stamp of approval/official seal/thumbs up).

The pic last week gave everyone such a giggle - I've done my best to back it up for you all. I had planned to reproduce this shot but it proved impossible.


clever people, and more:

Quick beret... + made by me