Sweet Fabric + yikes

White progress...
White Quilt Progress

Just to prove I haven't dropped the ball.

The mini quilt top is pieced.

Just as expected I like the back more than the front. I'm aching for lack of a mini clover iron & think I need to get in touch with the pigeon to get my seams looking the goods.

My original plan was to leave the edges raw. Apart from the fact that I love raw edges the quilt is an irregular shape & I frankly wouldn't have the foggiest on how to bind such a thing. I'm not entirely sure that my partner is going to get behind the rawness. So...do I forge ahead with the original plan or rethink*? Maybe I'll just go on as planned...post...& promise to replace with something a little more conventional if she hates it.

*if you say "rethink" then please point me to a tutorial for binding an irregular shaped quilt...thanks muchly.

Edit: You might want to show Pip what you're making.

a little help from my friends, good, handwork, in progress, love, and more:

White progress... + yikes