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My 2011 calendar...

This is a little something I made for a giggle & for you.

I'm hoping that I'll give Pickering (mine's safe for work folks - I promise) a run for his money & grace the back of toilet doors globally...nationally...locally...ok at least at Claire, Christie & Shazza's places because they encouraged me to take on this project in the first place.

I've been tinkering away on this for a couple of months...since you first got a laugh out of my noticing & beret shots. All crafty "disguises" have been fashioned by me, some especially for the project & some were just loitering about the house in various states of completion.

I dragged the little guy in to check out my "folio". He watched in horror as I flicked through the images & then we had this conversation...

Little guy: "Mum, this is terrible. Nobody is going to want this."
Me: "It's free buddy."
Little guy: "Even then Mum. Only your friends will look at it, because they'll feel sorry for you."

I'm confident that anyone who reads here regularly will enjoy the calendar & take it in the spirit in which it's intended. For any new-to-me folk who are saying to themselves "This girl's got a touch of the Warren Beattys about her." - well, there's something in there for you too. x

Get your free 2011 calendar here.

A very happy weekend to you all.

PS: Thanks Jod for the scribd assistance.

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My 2011 calendar... + thanks