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Handmade Nation...

Today I saw Handmade Nation! This documentary was so beautifully put together & just an absolute joy. It's made me want to spread my crafty wings a little wider & made me proud to be a maker of things.

In the true spirit of handmade this music box is constructed entirely by hand. There are numerous steps involved in the making & each one is taken purposefully. The only new component used in the construction is the music maker.

I hadn't planned on sharing any of the finished music boxes I've been making in the last couple of weeks. I thought you'd all be bored to tears with them, but this one's a goodie.

This box was a "something special". The order came from a wife for her husband's birthday gift. She told me that he was into tech gadgetry & music. I loved making this. I was given the opportunity to stretch myself a bit & I'm really very pleased with the end result. Embroidered detail is a mouse wire that I stripped & then stitched into the base cloth.

PS: Hoping to catch up with all the my creative space posts tomorrow.

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Handmade Nation... + recreated