Sweet Fabric + tutorial

How to make a crochet & cross stitch beanie...

for anyone...anytime.

It doesn't rely on tension, hook size, type of yarn blah de blah.


You just need to worry about making sure the rectangle of fabric measures...

circumference x head height = super cute 'x' stitch beanie


I was lucky enough to have recipients easily lassoed by the measuring tape but if you're making for a gift you might like to refer to this excellent size chart found via google this afternoon. Thanks Bev.

How to make a crochet & cross stitch beanieView more presentations from kootoyoo.

I knew the heart wasn't going to fly so The Big Girl & I went for something très sophistiqué. The kid hasn't taken the beanie off since it was gifted. Both The Little Guy & The Date think it's fabulous (& those fellas are a tough craft audience).

There's a pdf here if that helps you out.

It goes without saying that you don't have to be able to crochet to make this beanie. You could follow the same formula & use some lovely wool jersey & the machine. That'd make it super quick.

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How to make a crochet & cross stitch beanie... + tutorial