Sweet Fabric + recreated

The pony skirt...

It's actually the party skirt from Pip's book.

I'm calling it my beach skirt. I plan to flog it over summer. I'll sling it on over bathers when we are down the beach or at the pool.

The skirt is a really pretty shape & suits my little waist/big bum shape nicely. I did make a few modifications ... I've added press studs (snaps) instead of the tie up waistband. Perhaps that's what has taken it from party to beach...but I'm pretty chuffed with it regardless.

Absolutely everything used in the making of the pony skirt came from the op shop. Feeling pretty good about that!

It's just one of the many beautifully presented quick & easy projects in Sew La Tea Do.

beautiful, good, made by me, Op Shop, recrafted, and more:

The pony skirt... + recreated