Sweet Fabric + thanks


What a lovely "welcome back" I received. Thank you all for your keen support.

The big girl has some vile gastric thing. She's small & thin & really can't afford a couple of days off the tooth. I'm crossing everything that the rest of us don't fall like flies.

The mattress has been dragged downstairs, off the carpet & in front of the Teev. It's just the way things roll in our house. You get sick & you move to the family room...a hangover from when I was a kid. I think a mattress on the floor is much more comfy than the sweaty brown vinyl couch I enjoyed as a kid.

Buddy sleeps on his own dog bed...always. BUT a comfy bed on the floor was simply too much for him to resist & I thought he looked so gorgeous so I left him.

Hoping she's back to her normal self quick sticks as she has quite a lovely crafty plan.

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Loyal... + thanks