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Lolly day 16...

Milk bottles are so good. They absolutely positively must be fresh though. A stale milk bottle, just like stale milk is really gross.

I've been in discussion with my husband regarding the lolly freshness factor. He thinks I'm ridiculous for insisting on freshness. But I know I am not alone in insuring that my lolly is "fresh is best". My beautiful sister won't buy lollies from servos or ye olde milk bar because she reckons they don't do enough trade to ensure freshness. I think I'm in agreement on that one.

As far as the sweetness in my life I have to give a shout out to my blogless buddies (who I sadly cannot link) for keeping their eyes out for items of interest for me. One of the sweet girls I work with sent me this link. There is nothing sweeter that Audrey and "Funny Face" is my favourite of her movies. I'm going to see if I can track down a copy. Thanks Amy.

While I was at Urban Outfitters I noticed this which all though it's a little old is pretty close to home.

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Lolly day 16... + sweetness