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7 things...

I was tagged ages ago by the lovely Chalk & Cheese. I'd decided today was the day & then Arthur's Circus tagged me too.

  • Seven is the number of rings I wear all the time. It's ridiculous for a girl with hands my size & I look like a mafia wife but I don't care.
  • Friday is my favourite day of the week - I run like a demon, drink with friends & fall in a heap.
  • I love mornings best of all. The crispness of the air makes me feel alive.
  • My favourite piece of jewellery is my wedding band. One of my school friends told me it would be & I didn't believe her. I was so in love with my engagement ring I couldn't imagine that a little piece of gold would be more treasured - but it is.
  • I've known the date since I was 12 years old & we've been together for more than half my life.
  • Grant Caroll made me remember than 7 8s are 56. He tortured me with that table in year 4 it's just about the only "times" I can remember - I was always bad at tables.
I'm a details girl see image above...7 pins & 7 spots on the toadstool.

As for tagging other players - if you want to play consider yourself tagged.

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7 things... + recreated