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This is...my perfect dinner party guest list

I had lots of ideas for people to invite to a sensational dinner party with the date but in the end I've settled on my friends from school: Jo, Tan, Soph, Lise, Jen, Tiff, Megs & Myself.

The date will decline his invitation & we will all sit around drinking pretty drinks & laughing til our cheeks hurt.

Sure - we are all very different people now & our lives have moved us in different directions & around the world. Maybe if we met in the street today we wouldn't all be friends. BUT... there is something really special about a shared history & the easy, honest & kid-like way you interact with a friend you've had forever. It's priceless.

The photo with the pink cut outs is the final list but we need to add Jo & Megs into the pink voids. Can you match all my friends with their before & after shots?

Thank you Lily & Agathe and Three Buttons.

Cocktails, friends, making me laugh, and more:

This is...my perfect dinner party guest list + This is