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How to make a pincushion by hand...

We made these hand pieced hexagon shaped pincushions a few weeks ago at Brown Owls. They are a great way to use up scraps or tiny samples of favourite fabrics. Not surprisingly, I've used vintage pillowcase fabric for this.

The original project came from a vintage children's craft book, "How to make and do 100 new things". If you ever spot a copy in an Op Shop or second hand bookshop buy it - it's pure gold!


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Tutorial as a slide show (best viewed at full screen via my Slideshare). You can just click & stitch, click & stitch.

It's been a while since I've used powerpoint & I can tell you there was much swearing. But I think well worth the effort in the end.

Download this kootoyoo how to... as a PDF (including templates).

Thank you to my crafty kick in the pants. You're ace!

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How to make a pincushion by hand... + slideshow