Sweet Fabric + TIME


a pincushion badge.

You may have noticed I've become a little pincushion obsessed lately. I'm not sure what it's all about...only time will tell.

I thought of this on my run the other morning & giggled for the remainder of the run. It appeals to my sense of humour. Maybe it might give you a giggle too.

I quite like the idea of the little badge but sadly the fabric isn't "self heal".

This is the loveliest pincushion - ticking several of my boxes.

1) it's red
2) it's a toadie &
3) it's a pincushion.

& she's having a custom order giveaway. Yep...you get to choose - she's super good.

boy meets girl craft, good, love, made by me, original, pincushion, recrafted, recreated, red, reverse art, and more:

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