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Making Memories...

The date & I talk a lot about the making of a memory.

I have so many wonderful childhood memories & we really want that for the smalls.

We've come to the conclusion that the very best memories of childhood holidays were not the "once in a lifetime" trips. It's more about the ritual type of holiday. The annual event...

the packing
the pilgrimage
the daily routine

These annual holidays & therefore the memories seem to merge into one event. I can't remember on exactly which Murray River holiday I learnt to slalom, or which year I burnt my feet on the parched earth, or when it was that we purchased garbage pail lollies from the milk bar. I've no idea which year we invented thong skiing, I'm pretty sketchy on the details of when the Block Ice Manufacturer closed, & how many years it rained.

In my memory... every day was 40 degrees, the sprinklers were always going, the meals at the golf club were in a class of their own, cartwheels on the putting green were always perfect, I never got burnt, the shrimps stayed away & a soft heavenly glow settled over our holiday rental belonging to Bee Jones.

Part of what has helped cement these memories is the footage shot on our Super 8 camera.

My Dad had these put onto video about 15 years ago...this confirmed that our holidays were nothing short of perfect (I'm skiing to Chariots of Fire!).

I'm planning to share some holiday snaps "Super 8" style. Feel free to switch off if you like...

OR maybe you've got some great holiday memories to share.

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Making Memories... + TIME