Sweet Fabric + tin cans

MP3 music box...

I'm so pleased with my MP3 music box. I do love the wind up, plinky plunky version but this is something quite special, I think.

The Story
Someone contacted me via the website to ask if it would be possible to have a music box which played The Cure. I did a bit of research & found nothing. Then another person asked if they could have an original piece of music added to a music box.

I got to thinking & originally purchsed one of those "record your own" greeting cards. It wasn't at all satisfactory. The quality was terrible and you could only record about 20 seconds.

Then I wondered about making a little pocket for an iPod or MP3 player. There is also a speaker below the "false floor" of the music box. The wiring is all hidden in the lining and both the speaker and iPod/MP3 can be used outside the music box. The only element that is fixed is the wiring.

I did manage to break one speaker trying to force it into my standard size music box. The final version is 800g tinned tomato size.

So...a couple of casualties, much swearing & back to the drawing board moments, but I'm thrilled with the end result.

I'm also grateful to people who ask questions & push a bit.

love, made by me, music box, original, and more:

MP3 music box... + tin cans