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I've made a pretty solid start on my square for the quilt project. I can't wait to get home from curtaining so that I can stitch a little more.

I'm really enjoying the slow & steady as I'm feeling there has been so much rushing. Rushing the kids around, rushing to make decisions about the house, rushing to pick things up...you know the drill.

You can visit last weeks favourite space here.

Don't forget to pop in and add your link if you're playing along this week.

OK :: The link isn't working...again! Sorry but this is the perfect opportunity for me to plead with you all to sign up to JS Kit. Then we can all just visit from your name. It will take us straight to your blog if you sign up! Even better if you upload an avatar then I can see at a glance exactly who you are.

Have tested further (& now rushing to curtaining...argh). So...if you comment with your blogger id or JS Kit it's going to work. I'd still love you to consider an avatar if you're so inclined. I really like to know which "Kirsty" just by seeing your little image. It seems this is actually a JS Kit issue. I've logged a help ticket.

THANKS & sorry.

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My creative space... + the quilt project