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The low down on commenting...
JS Kit

I use JS Kit comments on kootoyoo.

I know that a few people have problems with JS Kit & have had trouble with their service. Personally, I have had positive dealings with JS Kit support & am keen to continue with this system of commenting. Mainly because I think that the blogger comment system is less than ideal.

Why I like it...

-I like that I have the option/ability to respond to each comment.
-I like that if used to full advantage I can click directly to a commenters site.
-It's made me engage more with the folks that do leave comments on this site & afterall that's what it's all about eh?

I think that JS Kit is most beneficial if you actually sign up to it. It doesn't cost anything to register with JS Kit. They have a strict privacy policy & the site owner (me) doesn't actually have access to your email address...

-Then you have the option to receive my responses (or those of other commenters via email).
-You can add a number of sites where people can visit you. It actually lists the name of the site so that people know where they are heading.

There are other options for logging in to leave a comment which are all fine but you may not see the benefits that I describe above.

Anyway, I just thought that I would include a how to as it seems a few people are stumped &/or confused when it comes to commenting using JS Kit.


I've said something or shown something that you'd like to make a comment about...
Click "comment"
This box will pop up. If you want to comment as a guest (& you don't have a blog) that's fine...just try to remember to type your name in the guest box so I know your name.

JS Guest Edit

you can sign in using one of the following in the drop down under the "From"
Here's where you would choose "Blogger" or "my other site" or "JS Kit" . If you choose "Blogger" or "my other site", you still need to type your name where it currently says "Guest". You can also choose to upload an avatar but you won't receive email responses.

JS Sign In

To get the most out of your comment...
sign up to JS Kit (you only need to do this once)

JS New Account

If you do that your comment will look like this. I know it's Tania from Myrtle & Eunice before I even click. I recognise her icon (& I'm pretty glad she's stopped by). I can hover my mouse over Tania's name & I've got the option to visit her on her site if I like. You know I'm gunna because I'm loving what she's got to say & she's made it super easy for me. You should probably go & visit her too. She's good!

JS Tania

If you sign up to JS Kit you also have the option to change your avatar from your "comment box".

JS Avatar

I hope this was helpful & I hope it might make commenting on kootoyoo a more valuable/fun experience.

Thanks for stopping by.

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The low down on commenting... + MAD