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Fancy a trip?...
Plane trip

The Date's playing a golf tournament & he asked if the kids & I wanted to come along.

At first I had a minor breakdown about the kids missing school. The Date raised his eyebrows at me & I gave myself a stern talking to & now we're all on a plane heading for a bit of warmth.

I'm planning to share some of the recent op shop purchases that have made my little op shopping heart skip a beat.

I figured that might get a bit biege for you guys. So...

I thought you might like to take a little trip of your own...around my home town. I'll have a clue accompanying each post this week. You'll need to follow the clues & at the end of the week you'll unscramble to find something that is also close to my heart.

You'll need a notepad & pen beside your mouse (or something more techy if you're opposed to the pen). All the answers are contained within recent posts on each blog. That is I found the answers on the first page of each blog on Friday 11th September. Don't panic if you can't find the answers straight away...it's OK to cheat a little & email/twitter a buddy.

There'll be further instructions with the final clue!

Sound like fun? If you play to the end you'll go into the draw to win a prize (yet to be determined but I promise it will be good).

Skip on over to Claire's.
What it was that was warped in Claire's creative space?
Use the 3rd letter of this word.

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Fancy a trip?... + Op Shop