Sweet Fabric + Op Shop


Imagine my delight when I spotted these handmade! fabric covered notebooks. The cardstock inside is a lovely too.

Opped (way to cheaply) in Mont Albert.

Pop in to Nikki's to see a true craftswoman at work.
Which farm animal likes daisies?
Use the first letter of this word.

Right E O. If you've been clicketty tripping this week you've now got all the clues (& the answer). Ssshh say nothing until tomorrow.

Pop in tomorrow & add a link to this word on your blog. It doesn't have to be a post you've written especially (but feel free to do that if you like). If you've previously mentioned this word a link to that post will be fine. You just need to make sure you link to the relevant post.

I've collected all my clues & I think the answer is "bluebird". Tomorrow (Monday) I'm going to add my link like this.


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