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The cutting edge...
Kitchen Light

in DIY light shades.

So, I had this brilliant idea about making my own light shades for over the kitchen bench.

First of all I was going to use old tins of tomatoes, then I was going to use adonised tins, there was a fliration with crochet & recipe cards & then I thought I'd like to go with some wooden embroidery. Some of you might remember the apple tray I embroidered last year - I loved that effect.

We packed the smalls in the car & headed to Bunnings for some ply. Luckily, we bumped into Vic & Co who reckoned there was no way I'd get the ply to bend as far as I wanted.

But, as many of you know Bunnings is a pretty magical place ... I bought a tiny bit of vinyl to have a crack with. I'm happy with the result but The Date reckons the knife's not that flash & maybe I should try something with a bit more detail.

There are three hanging lights (not flush with the ceiling like in this pic) over the bench & I'd planned a knife, fork & spoon. Now I don't know ...

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The cutting edge... + Wood