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Inside running...
Inside Running

I know I've talked a bit about the run & the "zone" & the ideas.

This year I'm trying to keep a log book of the run. I'm scribbling things down as soon as I get home...just for my own interest really. I'm keen to follow the Hansel & Gretel trail from first idea through a few runs & finally see it begin (or maybe not). I'm going to photograph it each day & either post here or on Flickr.

So on today's run I thought a LOT about the laptop stand I'm building in my head & then later today I gathered a few bits & pieces from around the house to start work.

Other random thoughts included floor rugs, sink mats, texture, geometric doodles I used to do in Primary School.

I'm brainstorming ways to make our full-of-potential courtyard user friendly until we have some cash & thought maybe I might make a huge hessian "quilt" for it.

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Inside running... + inside running