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Granny Square Victoria Mason

Well here it is! The Granny Square necklace by Victoria Mason. As amazing as it looks in this photo - it's so much better in real life. Just how Victoria has managed to make it drape & curl is beyond me.

You might remember that Victoria asked me to crochet her a tiny square & if you follow her blog (& you should because she's so amazingly generous with her process) you will have seen it develop further...

here, here & here.

Victoria's work is incredible, every piece she makes has a beautiful story behind it & the attention paid to every step of the process is beyond compare.

Victoria has given this to me to pass on to one of you! Amazing!

These are brand spanking new (not yet available for sale) & this one is a one-off. Vic was trialling enamel colours and has settled for a couple of different combinations for the "for sale" pieces.

How lucky you would be to wear this piece around your neck? Want to be an early adopter? Comment away people & we'll draw a winner Monday night.

Thank you Victoria for including me in the creation of this piece, for being so clever, for being so generous & just generally for being ACE.

Comments now closed 10:44pm Monday 17 May. Winner announced Tuesday 18 May. Thanks.

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