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How to make the contortionist crochet cuff...
Broomstick Lace

or buy one if you feel so inclined.

I had no end of trouble with the making of my own video. There was much swearing & carry on I can tell you.

It's three strikes & you're out around here. The Flip has been benched! So...I've ended up with a how to make up the cuff.

There are a swag of videos on youtube demonstrating broomstick lace & you can check those out right here.

How to make a contortionist cuff
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I've had a number of "can I buy" requests. Historically, the making for money thing hasn't been kind to me...it's taken the joy away.

BUT the requests got me thinking & then I came up with the "more than one & less than a few" idea. I was so enormously chuffed with myself that I decided to actually make a couple for sale.

The Sometimes Shop will be stocked for one week only & then they go to the present cupboard (more affectionately termed the craft-skeleton-hiding-cupboard). Free Postage within Australia.

how to, more than one and less than a few, Room, slideshow, and more:

How to make the contortionist crochet cuff... + TIME