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This is...what scares me

If you think that I was going to get close enough to a real live chicken then you are crazy!

No...not really...my mother-in-law has chickens & I probably could have summoned the courage but they are on holidays with her at the moment.

I am REALLY scared of chickens. I think it comes from visiting the country cousins & having 20 chickens chased out of the hen house towards me on a daily basis. The country cousins would of course roll around laughing their heads off.

Sweaty palms & racing heart .... I was truly terrified & too scared of my aunt to say I didn't want to go down to the chooks anymore.

The fear is actually for all winged creatures. I'm NOT a bird girl.

Thanks Jodie for this weeks theme.

Flashback, NOT making me laugh, and more:

This is...what scares me + This is