Sweet Fabric + Room

On my desk...

are lots of new bits & pieces.

The article from yesterday featuring lovely Pip.

The preliminary drawings for our big & exciting something (I haven't reduced the image so you can have a snoop & just see what that room on the right is - it makes me quite squirmy- eeeek).

A lovely Loobylu parcel in the post today & waiting on my desk when I got home from work.

My luscious crown the girls made me last year. The small crowned me when I was at the computer last night.

Blank Matryoshka. I've been wanting to have a crack at a set of these for a while now. This lovely girl is working on a set too.

The remains of the crochet baby blanket that the small has slept with, watched TV with & basically carted around with her for her entire life. It's name is Huky & it's the most revolting, manky old bit of string but loved more than anything! Jess will appreciate its importance.

All sorts of other little books, knick knacks & crafty supplies.

Thank you everyone for your thoughts on my community post from yesterday - they have been greatly appreciated.

Please excuse the awful pic - this daylight saving thing has thrown me a bit.

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On my desk... + Room