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A bit about the value of Community...

I responded to a request from Kami this week & it really got me thinking & then I found this...

The value of the collective and the community in the continuation of successful practice

Presenter: Carole Hanson Epp
Verge: 11th National Ceramics Conference

Brisbane, Australia 10th - 14th July 2006

"I have found that working within a community of artists or collaboratively can be a means, in particular for emerging artists, to gain valuable experience, access to opportunities and an awareness and understanding of the role of the community in support and critique of ones work. When we leave our academic environments to set out on our own as craftspeople we are still in need of a community of like-minded, inspirational, challenging and active producing artists around us. Academic programs can instill such skills as self-criticism and personal motivation, but it is through the community that we evolve and build upon that foundation...

...Only through active involvement will we as practitioners see the growth and development of these organizations and the artists they support. Attendance at events, membership, financial support, volunteering of skills and time, are all means towards common goals."

Complete article here

What does this mean for me? How can I nurture the relationships I've been building with this craft community & particularly the Melbourne girls?

Support the community in which you hope to prosper whether financially or otherwise. Get around - have a chat.

If you enjoy a blog, admire a piece (or collection) of work, got inspired, had a laugh, shed a tear, made your day, touched your heart - support them!

Buy their work, leave comments, shop in their store, celebrate their wins & take an active interest in their journey.

Everyone has to buy stuff sometime. Before you head to a nameless, faceless, bigger than Ben Hur store owned & run by a man in a suit you'll never see - consider buying from someone you "know" & who you KNOW will appreciate it.

Put back what you take out and then some.

I'm trying really hard to live this rather than just think it. A community is a powerful & wonderful thing. So to all who take the time to post, make, create, share or care - thank you.

This post has been rather more deep than my usual drivel so I'm going to finish on a totally tacky low note...

Mike Brady in the Brady Bunch Movie: Alone, we can only move buckets. But if we work together, we can drain rivers.

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A bit about the value of Community... + TIME