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Spot reserved...

Do you have a favourite place to sit? This is mine - a little unconventional I know, but it's all mine.

When my brother, sister & I were growing up there was definitely an IT spot.

It was the cane chair closest to the TV. The chair was awfully uncomfortable & had exposed nails that caught on your clothes & your hair. BUT... it had tier 1 status because in the days before remotes arms reach was vitally important.

It was only your spot until you had to get up to go to the loo or grab a gingernut biscuit from the bickie barrel. As soon as you took your first step someone was waiting to nab the "top spot". These chair wars usually ended in tears & a bit of blood. So, genius children that we were we came up with "spot reserved". If you declared this prior to leaving your seat no-one could assume your position & it was a no go zone until you returned. I love the politics between siblings!

No-one wants my spot now - but just for old time's sake..."spot reserved". Don't anybody pinch my patch of floor (or my pretty drink).

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Spot reserved... + TIME