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How to make a toadstool pincushion...

I've put together another little click & stitch slideshow. The toadstool pincushion is a great afternoon/evening project (especially with football finals looming).

If you're a grown up it's a cute & functional pincushion but I imagine this little guy would be a welcome addition to any little people or dolls housey type games. I had to rescue mine from a couple of smurfs the other day.
How To Make A Toadstool PincushionView SlideShare presentation (tags: craft handmade pincushion tutorial)

The how to is best viewed at full screen (just click the screen icon in the bottom right corner).

If you're like me & thinking "maybe later" there is also a PDF tutorial to print & keep.

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How to make a toadstool pincushion... + tutorial