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The Kootoyoo Marathon - a year long run...

Today it's one year since I pulled the blogging runners on & took my first step out onto the track.

Actually, the first step was taken sometime in 2005. That step was one taken my many others and it landed me fair & square in the middle of lovely Loobylu. I walked silently alongside Claire for a good long time & was hugely impressed when she began cross training.

Occasionally I took a stroll with Nichola and her lovely sidebar mates and Justine’s iPod seemed to be loaded with all the right tunes.

Late in 2006 when I was out for my stroll I tripped over this. Pip was setting a cracking pace & I loved running beside her.

In the middle of last year Pip stopped running to grab a Gatorade & issued an invitation. “Crochet yourself some laces for those Asics Kirst. You’ll need them if you’re going to run with me”.

I'm a huge fan of the run but I was a complete novice at running a journal of any kind. I knew I was going to need a training program if I was going to have any chance at all.

The program went something like this…

1. Post everyday for 21 days. Make the habit.
Effortless, just like running on the flat.

2. If that goes well…make sure you return comments.
A bit more tricky, running on sand
(made more difficult by my cranky coach who only woke periodically from napping in the arm chair to deliver the message!)

3. Speak up…if you like something, say so.
Nice & easy, running down hill with the wind behind me.

I think once I’d found my stride & was comfortably running in the zone I got a bit cocky & made this rule…

4. Post everyday for 1 year!
This is probably the hill that’s been the toughest to climb.

Some days have felt like a sprint to the finish, a few have felt like a monotonous treadmill run, others have felt like a hill climb of epic proportions & I’m pretty sure on at least a couple I’ve limped into the first aid tent!

But I’ve done it. I’ve crossed the finish line & I think I’ve run a pretty good race.

I’m knackered though…I’ve tried really hard & given it my all.

So, if you've been spurring me on, cheering & supporting...

OR thinking I’m crazy as you watched from the comfort of your sofa...

OR if you've run a few kilometres with me...

OR kept the sugar levels high with beautiful eye candy...

OR most importantly, if you were there with me when the starter’s gun went off & been running hard with me the whole way,


Recovery is important. You’ve got to rest after a big race. I’m giving myself a few days off.

21 days to make it – 3 days to break it?


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The Kootoyoo Marathon - a year long run... + TIME